Diablito Extra Añejo - Tequila

by Diablito


123 Organic Extra Añejo Tequila (Diablito) 750ml Bottle

Devilish to the last drop.

In the pursuit of perfection it’s often said “the devil is in the details,” a sentiment that captures the singular spirit of 123 Organic Extra Añejo (Diablito). The Diablito or little devil on our label signifies our absolute passion for perfection and the devilishly good tequila you’ll discover in our bottles.

Defined by our focus on terroir, Diablito begins its journey in the iron-rich Tierra Roja soils of a pristine estate that we’ve designated solely for the allocated production of 123 Organic Extra Añejo.

The result of a patient process that nurtures the organic agave through a slow maturation and forty months of extended aging, Diablito is an exceptional expression of Jalisco’s Amatitan region which is home to the only spirit that can bear the name tequila.

Like intensely expressive wines that are grown at high elevations, the extreme growing conditions found on our estate, which sits at the highest elevation in the region, produce complexly-flavored tequila which is ideally suited to lengthy aging.

Put a little devil in your glass and explore the connection between tequila’s rich cultural heritage and the pure expression of terroir that is found in 123 Organic Extra Añejo (Diablito).

Tasting Notes:

The nose reveals deep vanilla notes, along with plenty of fresh black pepper. Flavors are textbook extra añejo, a seductive melange of deep vanilla, racy spices, and chewy agave all in harmony. The body is rich and creamy, and the finish surprisingly long lasting,


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