Pinhook Bourbon Empire - Bourbon Whiskey

by Pinhook Bourbon Empire

Pinhook 2018 Straight Bourbon | Bourbon Country 750ml Bottle

This release has warm notes and an expansive palate with an enduring finish similar to previous releases. Vanilla bean, caramel, and walnut mix with notes of roasted coffee bean and maple delivering a smooth and complex experience”.

Through a partnership with Bourbon Lane Stable LLC, each unique, limited edition lot of Pinhook Bourbon will showcase one extraordinary thoroughbred’s journey. The bottle’s individually hand-written and letter-pressed label reveals the horse’s statistics and profile. The Bourbon Empire release is the same mashbill as previous releases but has about 8.5 years of barrel age on it. See if you can tell the difference that 6 more months of aging does from the Urban Bourbon.


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