Rebellion 8 Year

by Rebellion

Rebellion 8 Year Bourbon 750ml Bottle

Using traditional methods, Rebellion Bourbon is hand-craft ed by Master Distillers to provide spirits enthusiasts with a smooth and versatile artisanal bourbon that can be enjoyed neat or on the rocks and that mixes well with a variety of cocktail ingredients. For bourbon lovers worldwide, Rebellion Bourbon represents superior quality for great value in a unique package whose stars will shine from the shelf. Using a traditional copper still, this Limited Edition Bourbon is hand-crafted by a master distiller and aged for 8 years in new charred American oak barrels. It leaves the barrel at 122 proof and is cut with pure Kentucky spring water to reach 90 proof before bottling. The nose displays aromas of sweet caramel and honey, with subtle notes of winter spices. There is vanilla, pleasantly sweet notes, and bold rye spice on the palate which lingers on the finish. The oak notes are evident as well.


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