Signatory 1995

by Glen Keith

Whisky has natural fats and oils, which can cause the product to become cloudy when mixed with cold water or ice. To prevent the cloudiness, larger distilleries tend to chill and filter their whisky before bottling it to remove the fats and oils. Since these components add to the complexity of a whisky’s aroma and flavor, Signatory uses an “un-chillfiltering” process to preserve the natural flavor of our Scotches. “Un-chillfiltered” whisky retains much more of the body, flavor and texture in the Scotch whisky.

A 1995 vintage Glen Keith from independent bottler Signatory as part of the Un-Chillfiltered Collection. Distilled on 8 November, it was matured in a pair of hogshead for 19 years before being bottled on 31 March 2015.