by Tinys

Orange Blossom (Honey Orange Tequila) We took two of Mother Nature’s most appealing flavors of honey and orange and infused it into our incomparable blue weber agave to combine simplicity with innovation to create a flavor that unleashes the sweet nectar of the agave juice itself. Every sip vies for a presence in the Garden of Eden.

Limelight (Lime Tequila) Everybody said we were crazy when we “put the lime in the tequila pot and mixed it all up”! However, we feel that it will be one of our best sellers as it has won numerous medals in blind tasting competitions for its bright organic flavor profile. The secret was finding the perfect limes to compliment the sweet, but bold flavor of the award winning highland tequila found only in Jalisco, Mexico. The recipe is divine, as it provides the perfect platform to merge tart exotic citrus in a whirlwind of indulgent agave.

Both of these true infusions led to the development of the perfect sipping tequila.
The rare and unusually deep flavors of both products can also transform commonly used mixers such as coconut and pineapple to create pure tropical bliss. The depth of our tequilas cannot be matched, as its deep aroma, flavor, and delicacy add to its succulent smoothness to create indisputably the new benchmarks for flavored tequilas. Watch it’s glycerin like tears run down your glass.

Available Bottles:

  • Lime
  • Orange